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برنامج تصاريح الرواتب والأجور و تصاريح الصندوق الوطني للضمان الإجتماعي
برنامج سيليكون للبيانات المالية
Silicon Mini Audit Program تقرير مفوض المراقبة

Silicon Books



● Complete business solution designed to help users enhance their business management capabilities.
● Combines unlimited information collection and powerful innovative features.
● User-friendly and easy to operate application
● Flexible features and straight-forward functionality
● Clear, simple, and compatible structure
● Applicable to small and medium size businesses
● Appropriate for industrial, trading, services and other sectors

Technical Information

● Developed using VBA under MS-SQL Server or MS-Access database.
● Operates under Win XP (sp1), 2000(sp3 or later), win server 2003,
win 2000 server (sp3 or later), win NT4.0 (sp 6a) or later.
System Integration Silicon Books® is an integrated modular business application that combines financial accounting, Inventory management, production management, Assets Management, Budgeting, VAT Declaration module, and POS.
windows environment enabling the user to convert any report into MS Word document or Excel worksheet.

Backup & Restoring

Is a feature that enables the user to save existent data to any Data internal or external storage device and restore it back once required.

System Administration

Enables the administrator to define, for each user, a set of operational authorizations to control the access of financial years and companies, accessing of forms and reports, editing or deleting vouchers, accessing to costs, etc…