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eQual® ERP Solution


  • A Complete business solution designed to help users enhance their business management capabilities.
  • Uses powerful innovative features to combine a collection of Management functions.
  • Developed using the latest Microsoft application technology.
  • User-friendly & easy to operate
  • Flexible features & straight-forward functionality
  • Clear, and compatible structure
  • Applicable to small, medium & large size businesses
  • Suitable for industrial, trading, retail services, & other sectors
  • Straight-forward functionality
  • Clear, simple, and compatible structure
  • Applicable to small, medium & large size businesses
  • Appropriate for industrial, trading, services, & other sectors

Technical Information

  • Developed under VB.Net & SQL Server
  • Operates under Win XP (sp1), 2000(sp3 or later), win server 2003, win 2000 server (sp3 or later), win NT4.0 (sp 6a)
  • Client-server architecture

System Integration

  • eQual® is an integrated modular business application that combines financial accounting, Inventory management, production management, POS, CRM, Task manager, Desktopmail, Payroll & HR management all in one comprehensive business solution.

Integrations with MS

  • As a application, eQual® operates in a homogenous MS windows environment enabling the user to convert any report into MS Word document or Excel worksheet.

Backup & Restoring

  • Enables the user to save existent data to any Data internal or external storage device and restore it back once required.

System Administration

  • Enables the administrator to define for each user a set of operational authorizations to control the access of financial statements including editing and deleting privileges, etc…

Multi-User eQual®

  • Can run on a single station or can be operated by many users through a local area network (LAN) or wide area network